Alex Toff

<Web> Dev | #avgeek | UG Engineer
Who I am

I'm a aerospace design engineering student from Cambridge, United Kingdom, but learning out of Bristol. In addition to my studies, I am a passionate programmer and although I tend to work on web projects, I enjoy dabbling in mobile/desktop applications. However, like most humans, I have wide-ranging interests & hobbies:

  • Aviation
  • Programming
  • Graphical Design
  • Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Gaming
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Hockey
  • Computer Building
  • Photography
Things I've Done

Some of my projects are hidden behind closed walls (for now!). However, quite are few are out there in the open to view at Cobalt Grid or my GitHub. Here are a few others you might not have seen


Auth is a new SSO and OAuth 2 system for VATSIM UK. As part of our push towards micro-services to replace lagacy applications, we are developing new, modern, container-ready services - including Auth and UKTS, a new version of our exisiting training managment platform.

Open Aircraft Type Database

A open source aircraft type database, created to allow easy access to aircraft type information for developers creating aviation-related applications.

Web-Based Invoice Client [ALPHA]

A web-based invoice client to allow small businesses/freelancers to keep track of clients and work, with easy access to payment gateways. Currently being developed.

Web-Based Flight Logbook [BETA]

A web-based logbook solution to allow pilots, crew, passengers & avgeeks easy and intuitive flight logging/tracking.

Assorted medical web services

Including an automated web service for the handling & storage of anonymous clinical trial images for a new product and hardware configuration for a regional NHS telemedicine initiative.

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